Friday, 7 August 2009

Next Installment ( I forget what day I'm on )

OK, so it was only actually a couple of days since the last post, but already, so much has happened....again!

After the long weekend of doing very little, we felt we owed it to ourselves to get dinner out as a group and treated ourselves to a meal at O'Hagans, which is the Irish bar at one of the Shopping Arcades in Lusaka, Manda Hill.

The food was absolutly delicious and was nice to have a steak and cheese baguette with chips! Beautiful! During the day, I had finished working on redesigning the Sport In Action Newsletter and felt happy with the end product which looked a lot better than it had originally.

That was pretty much the extent of Tuesday, but Wednesday is when it all picked up. In the morning I just went into the office for a meeting with the man who runs and manages the Sport In Action Website and just as he was about to show me how to edit it all, we had a power cut, which wasn't restored till 4 that afternoon meaning no work whatsoever could be done meaning I had the opportunity to go for a roam.

One of the ladies at the offices, Francine offered to help me find a Zambian football shirt in town and so the pursuit began. It was incredibly hard to find the offical replica kit and we scanned the streets being offered everything on show! You can find absolutly anything you could possibly need in town, but we had no joy when it came to something offical and authenic! Anyway, we went into this shop called Axis and the owner said if I came back at 4 he might be able to help me out.

Kelch had previously told me that I could get the shirts from the shop and that the owner was the manager of the National team and so when I returned at 4 I asked the man if he was the owner - and to my suprise he was! It was so strange to just bump into the manager of a national team - you wouldn't exactally find Capello working in Matalan! Anyway, we had a good chat and managed to get a photo and such is the manner in Zambia, he sold me one of the shirts he had managed to find me and chucked in a free penant. I think I will go back and ask him if he wants to join us for dinner one night - which would be incredibly cool!

That really made my day and was chuffed with the shirt. It was also a good day because I had bumped into some TV show producers who were out getting an interview at EduSport and offered me the chance to go to their studio and possibly get interviewed (which would be very cool!). Francine has also made me a small receipe book of traditional Zambian meals which made it a very good day all round (other than the lack of productivity).

Thursday was also a good day, but again of little productivity because of another power cut throughout the day. However, I had previously agreed to make Shepards Pie for Cecherine as she had made me shima on Monday and thought it would be nice to treat the peer leaders at Kalingalinga (one of the placements) to some traditional English food - which I think they really really enjoyed which was pleasing. I spent the day in Kalingalinga just soaking up some Zambian culture watching the local football team training and making some more Chimbonas (the plastic bag balls) before returning back to the house to make dinner for the rest of the grouip - the spaghetti bolongese also went quite well which was suprising more than anything.,

Strangely enough, when asking for directions, I bumped into a kids TV show presenter who said I could come to their studio as well just proving it's not what you know, but who you know! Shame all these good contacts are in Zambia!

Anyway, thats all for now - tonight we are going out for Dinner as it's Kerry's (one of the staff members) last nights here before hitting one of the local night clubs - which could be interesting!

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