Saturday, 29 May 2010

Goodbye Scotland!

So as many of you know, back in January I applied for the position of 'Team Leader' for this year's Zambia Project. If this is the first your hearing about the Zambia Project then please check out this site for more information! Sports Director at Durham University, Dr Peter Warburton, interviewed both myself and fellow Stirling student Hayley Barr along with one other girl for the position.

They were ideally looking for one team leader to have Media capabilities and a previous experience in Africa and one to have Netball coaching qualifications, so myself and Hayley fit the bill perfectly, I could have played for England Netball team back in the day (.... that was a very bad joke).

Anyway, the position requires us to return to Lusaka, the capital of Zambia next week and co-ordinate this year's student's Zambia experience for 4 months. It sounds very patronising calling them students when we are both students ourselves, something which has never happened! The team leaders have always been graduates and myself and Hayley are the youngest ever selected team leaders, something I'm very proud of (without blowing my own trumpet).

So if you enjoyed reading my blog when I was a student out in Zambia last time, then keep following it this year! I'll have plenty of good stories and keep you all informed of what I'm actually doing out there! I'll be flying out next Friday and I'm leaving Scotland till October this very afternoon!

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